wooloid (wooloid) wrote in getjiggy_69420,

1. Name and age

2. Favorite Will Smith song/why

"Friends" because it made me sad then i wanted to call my friend
3. Favorite WIll movie/why

men in black because its better than any movie ever
4. Is the Willenium here?

is john paul 2 dead?

5. Why you love will smith

his rhymes are phat
5.5 What do you think of Jada Pinkett Smith?

i want to see her

6. something about will smith we might not have known

i've been to will smiths house and he let me sleep in his bed because i had cancer of the heart and will smith cured it with his magical healing powers of zionism

7. 5 interesting things about you
1.will smith is my dad
2.will smith is jesus
3.i am an alien
4.i only eat the orange ones.
5.will smith has nice pecs.

(change will smith with my name)

gosh i told my mom all about my survey and i got so excited i almost kicked her in the face lol
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