Liz (lizzie03g) wrote in getjiggy_69420,

So I was just watching BET (I normally watch BET early in the morning on weekdays so I can see all the latest rap videos) and I'm pretty sure Will and Jada will be hosting the 2005 BET Music Awards with their kids!

SUPPORT WILL AND WATCH THE 2005 BET AWARDS. I took the liberty of going on and discovering that the awards are called "Meet the Smiths" (YESSSSSSSSS) and will be held Tuesday, June 28th at 8 pm. Destiny's Child, The Game, Missy Elliott, Stevie Wonder, Ciara, Omarion (LOLLLLL), John Legend, and Mariah Carey will all be performing, or playing, or whatever. However, no Mo'Nique this year...but there WILL be WILLARD, so I urge everyone in this community to support Will and watch the BET Awards.
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